April 28, 2007

never before today

I woke up this morning with such a spirit of gratitude. My friend, Nathan Amooti – who is a pastor in Rwanda – is visiting with me.

It is really quite amazing to consider. When I was younger, I often longed to live during another period in history. Truth be told, I wanted to live in the wild west. I’m not exactly sure why as I would have made a terrible cowboy. This morning I realized with joy that this is the first time in human history where it is possible for Nathan and me to have a true friendship. Between international air travel and instant messaging over the internet, we can keep in touch and get together throughout the year.

For all the horrible things progress brings, there are some truly amazing ones as well.

April 23, 2007


I raced up to the Chick-fil-et parking lot Monday morning when I heard the first panel had been installed. I was not planning on going up there as I had a lot of work at home to do, but I finally couldn't stand it any longer. I watched in awe – and in my house shoes – as the culmination of a multiyear dream began to come true at last. The entire wall panel for the entrance to the Youth side of the new facility was up standing all on its own. I couldn’t help but begin praying for all the children of our community who will walk through that door for the next 50 years and discover the life changing power of Jesus Christ. It is almost 3 years ago exactly that Pastor Mike stood on the lawn in front of the sanctuary smoking his pipe and pointing to an empty field as he shared a vision for a new dedicated youth facility. I wasn’t even appointed to University then, I was just considering my options as I prepared to graduate seminary. I think more than anything else on my tour of campus that day, that vision is what first began a stirring in my heart for our church. I figured that any church who loved their youth that much would be a church worth serving! Now, the reality of the building is even bigger than the original vision for it. God is good and faithful to allow us to partner with him in this great work.

I got an email from a member this week that summed it up when they said, “It’s really happening. It’s like Jericho – but in reverse. Woo-Hoo!”