November 9, 2008

Barthelona (Barcelona)

Rob and I are in Barcelona. We are at a hotel that sits on top of the Metro station so getting around should be easy, even if sleeping is not . . .

Once again, time is of the essence because they charge by the minute around here for internet! We´ll be in Barcelona until Tuesday, then we´ll head for Madrid and finally back home on Thursday. I probably won´t be online again until Madrid, but you never know!

November 8, 2008

On the Med

Rob and I are alive and well and near the Med. We are about an hour south of Barthelona (Barcelona). We had a great time in Sevilla and Gibralter. That's right we threw in a trip to the British rock. Inside a cave on the Rock of Gibralter, I ran into Suzanne, a member of my church. Small world! We will be in Barcelona for a few days. Wish I could say more, but time is money when you are buying time on the internet! Thinking of all my friends and family as we see the wonders of Espana!

November 5, 2008

Safe in Seville

Well, Roberto and I made it safely into Spain this morning. We left Madrid right away deciding to end our time there since we will be flying out of there next week. We made our way down to Saville in the south of Spain and had a great day walking around and brushing up on our Spanish. We will be here for a couple of days at least, then I strongly suspect we will make our way to the coast at Gibralter, then track the coast over to Barcelona. So far, lots of laughs and lots of being lost, then found, then lost, then found! I´ll try to touch base in a few days, but it may be until we get into Barcelona early next week before I have another chance. Love to my sweet family!