October 17, 2008


Like most college students, I got a credit card shortly after arriving in college. I have used the card ever since. Earlier this year, it came to my attention that this particular card allowed me to accumulate airline miles. Unbeknownst to me, I became part of the frequent flier program and every flight and every purchase I have made contributed to my miles account. Low and behold these many years later, I have accumulated quite a pile. I called the airline to see how this whole things works.

When I was in high school Spanish class, we used to watch these Spanish soap operas called, “Destinos” to help with our education. Although I couldn’t understand much of what was said, I was really taken with Spain! My dream to see the country has never left me.

By now you should see where this is going . . .

During my annual vacation this year, my good friend from seminary and I are going to Spain courtesy of American airlines! I am so excited! We don’t know where we will go or stay. We don’t have a plan or agenda. With just a few bucks in our pocket and our backpacks strapped on, we are off on an adventure.